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Camille came to the clinic in the middle of an emotional and economic crisis. Her marriage was teetering on the brink of collapse, her two young children were dealing with their family’s stress by acting out, and under the circumstances, neither she nor her husband had the resources to respond to them thoughtfully – either lashing out or turning away just when the boys needed their help most. Camille called Well Baby Center on a Friday and by Monday she had been assigned therapists for both herself and for each of her children at a fee she could manage.

Over the course of the next year, both children were able to work through their feelings about their parents’ eventual divorce through the use of the sand tray, child-centered play therapy, and art. They were able to express their sadness, anger, and grief about the many changes and heartbreaks that their family was enduring. They also learned coping strategies including patience and self-regulation in order to manage their feelings of rage at mom’s limited ability to attend to them, she being their primary caregiver and juggling work and home life along with her distress over the divorce. By the end of treatment the children learned about emotional resilience and self-regulation. They showed gratitude to their “feeling doctors” by making each of them thank you cards and expressing how they would miss them in their “good goodbye” sessions.

Eventually, mom began to feel better too, learning in her own therapy sessions that she had always struggled with depression, which had only increased during the pandemic and because of the ending of her marriage. She was able to examine aspects of her childhood that had affected her adult life adversely and found new ways to deal with her new life as a single mom of two rambunctious boys.

Well Baby Center held this family together through a very challenging time. They emerged more resilient than ever — capable of handling future struggles with more grace, fortitude, and compassion for one another and for themselves.


Happy clients, a parent and her baby
“I want to thank you for the work you did with us. It was deep and meaningful. I think the Center is amazing.”

– Rayhane and baby Theo

“You have created a really wonderful place for parents.” 

– Ed Tronick, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Psychology, UMass Boston,
Well Baby Center Advisory Board Member

“In the Mindful Parenting Group, both my husband and I learned to be proactive in our discipline. As new parents, it’s so easy to rely on the parenting skills you were raised with. We unlearned some parenting habits that we did not want to continue.”

– Eve, Peter, and baby Sophia
Marina Del Rey

“Because of what I’ve learned in this group, and how I’ve grown as a parent, I’ve deepened my relationship with my child and he is thriving because of it. I now have empathy for him and see him as someone who needs my help, and it’s my job as his parent to give him that help. I am so grateful for our time in the Mindful Parenting Group.”

– Claire
Culver City

– Lizeth

“It was great to hear the experiences of other parents and to share opinions on how to navigate common issues. The class helped me to stay present. A great opportunity to gain tools and structure for parents.”

– Carla
Mar Vista

“The (Loving Discipline) class helped us as parents to speak about what’s going on and hear and learn from other parents. It was great to gain knowledge from intelligent and caring teachers. It was even better than I thought it would be. I learned new things and skills about children and their development and how to navigate better decisions for parenting. The leaders were the best I have had in a child/parent group. They knew what to talk about, how to manage the time for sharing and learning.”

– Lisa
Play Del Rey

“I remember when I first met Deborah about ten years ago, I was in hell. She helped me out of hell, and I was able to rethink the relationship with my parents. When I needed her again last year, she gave me all the tools to help myself walk out of the mud. I really appreciate her way of therapy. It really, really helped me. Today, I am ready to live my life fully and to experience it all. She inspired me when she told me the reason she wanted to open Well Baby Center on Venice Boulevard and set the prices the way she did was that she wanted quality therapy available for typical working families without a lot of disposable income. I am one of those people who have definitely benefited from your practice.”

– Emily
Pacific Palisades

“Well Baby Center is such a treasure!  The staff is caring and professional. The welcoming environment is the perfect place to play and relax. I contacted Deborah when I was pregnant with my third child. I was feeling overwhelmed with just about everything. Well Baby Center was like finding a life raft in a storm. From the baby classes to the counselors, I felt supported and was able to be a happier, sillier, and overall better parent. I recommend Well Baby Center to parents seeking a loving, supportive community. Well Baby Center is a place where you can play and be supported through all the stages of childhood and parenthood.”

– Spring
Los Angeles

“I always feel supported and never judged. Well Baby Center is refreshing, supportive, informative, and helpful.”

– Charise and baby Ethan
Santa Monica

“The group provided a supportive space to discuss and address the everyday issues of parenting. The group leaders were very knowledgeable.”

– Yvonne
Culver City

“Well Baby Center is a wonderful resource for new parents on the Westside. It provides a welcoming and reassuring environment with genuinely caring and knowledgeable staff.”

– Ellen and Baby Ava

“Reflective and child-centered play have greatly changed my parenting. The facilitators have created a warm, welcoming space … and fostered a mindful attitude for parenting. They taught us great techniques but also gave great answers and feedback to our concerns.”

– Duane
Marina Del Rey

“Parenting is the hardest, most meaningful thing I’ve lived thus far. Thank you for your support on our healing path.”

– Valerie
Silver Lake

“Everyone I’ve ever met at Well Baby Center from the receptionist to the group facilitators have truly embodied a genuine respect for small children, patience, and a deep desire to work in this field of child development.”

– Gigi
West Los Angeles

“It helped me understand myself and my child and gave me information I didn’t know I needed. I would recommend this group because we need better parents, better people, and a better world.”

– Pedro
Los Angeles

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