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Affordable counseling, parent-child groups, and parenting classes/coaching. In person or from the comfort of your home.

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High quality, affordable counseling for adults, couples, and families, regardless of financial or documented status.

Counselors can help you with:

  • Life transitions
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges
  • Perinatal mood disorders
  • Separation, divorce, and co-parenting
  • Marital conflict and sexual intimacy issues
  • Concerns about your child’s emotional development
  • Sibling rivalry, breastfeeding challenges, weaning, sleep issues, and more

We specialize in child counseling, provided in person at our child-friendly center.

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Our Well Baby Program consists of in-person infant or toddler Mindful Parenting Groups and Becoming Social School-readiness groups, online Loving Discipline classes, and in person or online parenting coaching.

  • Parent-child groups promote sensitivity, flexibility, and mindful communication between parents and children to enhance the attachment relationship.
  • Parenting classes teach parents how to set limits effectively by using empathy, love, and understanding to encourage cooperation and to strengthen the parent-child bond.
  • Parent coaching with a counselor or parent educator is tailored to the needs of your family and child, allowing you to address the areas in which you desire more support and guidance.

Services offered in English and Spanish.

Well baby programs and pregnant couple classes in Venice CA

We strive to embody anti-discrimination, anti-oppression, anti-stigma, anti-racism & anti-ableism

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